Memoir is a moving image work about dream, loss, and memory. The video consists of three fragmentary super 8 films, which include one found family video. 

In the work I create a relation between present and past through objects, physical materials and intimate places left behind. I am wandering in different locations: my own house, a river nearby, a labyrinth, and the ruins of the abandoned factory once owned by my parents. I am passing through mirrors, falling into dreams and light-reflections, while wearing one of my dead mother's dresses, which, together with the places, are the last things still connected to her image. 

The darkroom practice physically represents the act of remembering and imagining through materials that are part of our past.

Andrée Green, from the book 'The Dead Mother':

‘ The dream remains a paradigm because it is the model for the whole of our work...the importance of the dream is closely linked to the importance of the concept of representation because, once again, what I think is most important is the dream representation, the thing which repeat itself in the absence of the object... the mind has the capacity to bring something back again which has been related to an object, without the object being there.’


A short video filmed with a super 8 movie camera (a Quarz DS8-3 camera) and a digital one. The artist combined film and video together using the telecine process. As usual in her work, this project shows a mixture of different techniques and material. the video shows a series of images and multiple-exposures to represent a comparison between the human mind and the camera through the concept/idea of camera obscura.

The latin words camera obscura mean a darkened room presenting a small hole in one of the walls, from which rays of light pass through and they project (on the wall on the other side) an inverted and reversed image of the scene outside. It is considered as the ancestor of the actual movie and photo cameras.

In the same way human mind and the cameras can be considered as two accurate mechanisms that collect a series of images, memories, ideas and information.

Director of photography: Nader Chalhoub

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