NON, 2020

Collaboration with Loreal Prystaj during COVID-19 lockdown in London.

We started working on the project when the lockdown in London was slowly releasing its socializing rules. People were allowed to meet, slowly, again.

Things were going back to a sort of ‘normality’ that doesn’t belong to us anymore…

A feeling of unease is left. Darkness, loss of something that we can’t express with words.

‘Non’ is a short film shot on 16mm, hand-processed and digitized during the lockdown period. A work about an undefined space and time; transformation and changes; imprisonment and liberation. A blackness and darkness that is part of all of us.

The short film is a journey through feelings and perceptions that can not be communicated in any other form.

The ineffability of an absurd reality.

The untold, the always latent blackness of the negative.

 Built around isolation, we question: How has our identity transformed? How has our perception of the body changed? With anxiety growing around touch and closeness, are we losing the essence of being human?


The feeling is difficult to express.

It is a non-time



There is no touch

no word to describe it.

It is impossible to talk about

It is something that never happened before

Reality became absurd. No connection

We are imprisoned in this human body which is not human anymore.

We are sculptures locked in a dark space

Each movement is now restricted in this limbo

We are works of art for the next generation

They will look at us, like a picture in a frame

Like a sculpture.

Only thing is not to lose ourselves in this unconsciousness.

Uncover, 2020

Collaboration with Mathias Hartmann. Music by Mathias Hartmann

Music video shoot on 16mm old film stock. An empty and isolated  landscape is the background for a vividly nostalgic piece of music.

Selected for

Klangspektrum BW -the sound of the country and a great work of music. Where 1,000 musicians will take  part of a unique video sound installation.

Rückblick, 2020

Collaboration with Mathias Hartmann. Music by Mathias Hartmann

Music video shoot on 16mm old film stock A flashback of a quiet city. A cityscape.

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