I am an Italian lens-based artist (b. 1993) located in London. I graduated with Distinction inthe Photography MA at the Royal College of Art (2019) after studying a BA in Fine Arts atthe Florence Academy of Fine Arts (2016).My practice focuses on the relationship between images and marks, seen as both carriers ofmemories. 

Marks are represented in my work physically and abstractly to examine theirconnection to memories and deconstruct how these memories take form as images in art.As an artist, I am interested in exploring traumatic experiences, the taboos surroundingthem, and how the inability to talk about feelings and past events ‘wounds us’ with a markthat is impossible to hide and heal completely. 

My body of work revolves around photography and moving images, emphasising darkroom based processes. The tactile element of my handprints and celluloid films is central. I amprompted by experiments and mistakes that occur, allowing light leaks and scratches toguide my work. My first series, 'Leaving a Mark,' showcases an example of this

Selected for the SW Darkroom Residency Award and TheLabyrinth Lab / RCA Award 2019. Currently part of London Creative Network. Her work has been shown in Italy, England, America, and Czech Republic.


2017/2019-Royal College of Art, MA Photography. Dissertation-Distinction

2015-2016 Erasmus + at FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague

2012-2016  BA with Honours in Fine Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti in Firenze.

2017 Photographic Workshop with the Italian photo reporter: Francesco Cito.


January 2023 HAB Art Fair, HAVE A BUTCHERS 65 Dalston Lane (UK); March 2023 Behold, a sensorial groupexhibition in Conduit Street (UK); 2022-2023 ARTSUPPORT PLEDGE EXHIBITION, HastingsContemporary (UK); 2022 CAMERA WORK OFF Festival, (IT); 18/21-01-2021 Lift-Off, Online Film Festival, Organised by Pinewood Studio; 07/29-02-2020 Visual Storytelling, The Southwest collective in collaboration with Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius St,Torquay, Devon; 19/23- 02-2020 Cluster Photography and Prints, Ugly Duck, London SE13 LP; 07-12-2019/01-2020 Living Image, The Halide Project, Philadelphia PA. The Halide / 26- Project’s fourth annual juried showcase of contemporary analog  photography;28-06/07-2019 RCA Degree Show, Photography Department, London, 1 HESTER RD,   RCA DYSON BUILDING Battersea;04-07-2019 Introiezione/Proiezione, La ricerca del Sé, Studio38,Contemporary   Art Gallery, Pistoia, Corso G. Amendola ;04-2019 REMAINS, Screening night at Tolli's, Kentish town, London; 22/29-09-2018  Al femminile, Festival Circostanza #2, Ex-Leopoldine Space, Piazza  Tasso, Florence. Festival organized by Galleria Cartavetra and Rivista  d'arte Stanza 251; 02/08-07-2018 Cosmos, Family of No Man, Arles. Cosmos Books, Arles Rencontre de  la photographie; 11-2016 / 01-2017 Exhibition in Broumov Monastery organized by the Department of  Photography of FAMU Academy; 02/06- 2016  Prague and its beauty, Galleria del Centro Ceco, invia GB Morgagni  20 a Milano, realized by FAMU, Department of photography; 2015/2016  StARTpoint, Florence exhibition organized by the Accademia di Belle Arti.


17-10-20  Generazioni photographic book presented in Museo del Territorio in Cormòns (GO), Italy, as part of the Trieste PhotoDays festival.

02-06-20     DezeenonlineMagazine_ Freyja's Sewell work photography by Sara Marinangeli   Link here

09-07-2019   Vogue Italia,websiteRCA Photography 2019

05/2019   VogueCS Magazine, assistant photographer for  Mojmir Bures 

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